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It’s Quite True!

from the “Paint Me a Fairy-Tale…” series

An auteur animated film for children in the Paint me a fairy tale… series, produced in the oil-paint-on canvas-animation technique directly under the camera, is a second film and the first screen adaptation of this tale by Andersen, just like the previously-made The Flax.
A film adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale. It is a funny, but also true story of a certain rumour. This subject has always been topical, especially now, in the era of audio-visual media, tabloids and the Internet. The story is set in the suburbs of a certain Hen Town. It is centred on a growing rumour about a respectable hen who has lost one small feather. The news, passed on from lips to lips, or, to be precise, from beak to beak, is transformed into a “dramatic” tale of five hens who died of love to a cock. The behaviour of the poultry and other birds is a caricature of human reactions and emotions caused by spreading rumours.
Director, artwork, background, oil-paint-on-canvas animation, camera by Joanna Jasińska–Koronkiewicz
Screenplay by Joanna Jasińska – Koronkiewicz
/based on the fairy-tales by Hans Christian Andersen/
Narrator by Jerzy Stuhr
Other voices by Grzegorz Nawrocki
Music and performed by Michał Makulski
Editing by Anna Gałązkowska
Sound by Aleksander Matuszewski
Title sequence: Kacper Zamarło
Co-operation by Ewelina Stefańska, Anna Sobkowiak, Alina Góral, Krzysztof Napierała, Katarzyna Kubacka
Script doctor: Katarzyna Komorowska, Ewa Sobolewska
Producer: Ewa Sobolewska
Producer Company, Production, Co-producer, Distributor: TV Studio of Animation Films Ltd., AnimaFilm Foundation
Co-producer: Estrada Poznańska – Regional Film Fund Poznań 2013
Film co-financed by Polish Film Institute 
Author animated film for children, colour, screening format 16:9 HD, 13:00’, DCP
Date of production: 2014-09-01
© 2014 TVSFA -AnimaFilm, Estrada Poznańska


16th Annual Polish Film Festival,
Los Angeles, USA, 13-22.10.2015

for the best film for children,
National Festival of Auteur Animation Films OFAFA’2011,
Kraków, 15-17.10.2015

THE AWARD of the Polish Filmmakers Association
for Best Polish Animated Film of High Artistic and Educational Value
 We award our prize to this film because of the perfect use of the special technique which enables us to enjoy a classic story in a new and dynamic way, 29 International Film Festival for Young People, „Ale Kino!”
Poznań, 06.12.2014

or the best short film for exceptional production of the film using the painting technique which has given the fairy tale its unique charm. Although set in the world of animals, the story told in the film ideally reflects our everyday life…
4th KinoJazda Festival of Films for Children and Young People
Nowy Sącz, Poland / 26.09.2014


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