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A Stone at the Bottom of the Lake

…or a story about greed that often leads to ridiculousness and even perdition…

Directed by Jacek Adamczak
Screenplay and dialogues by Jacek Adamczak
/based on the tale by Maria Krüger/
Designed and background by Jacek Adamczak
Music composed and performed by Zbigniew Kozub
Layout by Janusz Gałązkowski, Lesław Budzelewski, Jacek Adamczak
Animation by Roman Frajczyk, Janusz Matusik, Waldemar Szajkowski, Paweł Byrski, Roman Janeczko, Ewa Rodewald, Ewa Klimas, Lesław Budzelewski, Andrzej Szych
Test-line, animatic by Anna Gałązkowska
Ink and paint by Alina Góral, Elżbieta Bejger, Barbara Hurysz, Mariola Olejniczak, Violetta Olejniczak, Violetta Pawlewska, Karolina Sobolewska, Hanna Cichowska
Compositing and editing by Krzysztof Napierała
Sound by Jan Jakub Milencki
Dubbing directed by Dorota Kawęcka
Dubbing: Grzegorz Nawrocki, Tomasz Grochoczyński, Stefan Knothe, Klaudiusz Kaufman, Mateusz Lewandowski, Matylda Damięcka

Title sequences by Robert Turło
Title sequences music by Marek Kuczyński

Production manager: Mariola Olejniczak
Script-doctor: Katarzyna Komorowska, Maria Niedziółka
Executive Producer: Ewa Sobolewska

Producer, production: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Sp. z o.o.
Co-producers: Telewizja Polska SA, Filmoteka Narodowa – Instytut Audiowizualny
Series co-financed by Polish Film Institute

Animation 2D [drawing on paper], colour, format 16:9 HD, HDCAM, DCP, 13:00’, Stereo 5.1.
Date of production: 2017-01-01 © 2017 TVSFA, TVP SA, FINA

A Stone at the Bottom of the Lake [pl. Kamień na dnie jeziora] …or a story about greed that often leads to ridiculousness and even perdition… One evil, greedy and lazy Lord of the Manor, jealous of the Count’s wealth acquired by hard work, decides to place an ad promising to pay a high price for those who find a way to quickly multiply his wealth. Different scammers come forward, and finally the Lord comes up with an idea to go to the Fairy. He learns from her that there is a great treasure at the bottom of the lake next to his house. The Lord immediately orders water to be pumped out of the lake and then a huge boulder appears before his eyes, bearing the following inscription: “If you have a good heart, have mercy and turn me around”. Surprised and hoping to find a treasure, he orders the stone to be turned and then another inscription appears: “Thank you for turning me, because my side had become sore”. The people gathered on the shore of the lake burst with laughter, and the Lord leaves his estate in a hurry…


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