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Dumpling Gate

…or the story that egotism never pays off, and the exploitation of others will always be punished…

Directed by Andrzej Kukuła
Screenplay by Andrzej Kukuła
/based on a folk tale/
Artwork, background and compositing by Andrzej Kukuła
Music by Juliusz Śliwak
Music performed by Tomasz Śliwak – Orlicki
Layout by Lesław Budzelewski, Janusz Gałązkowski, Piotr Giersz
Animation by Roman Frajczyk, Janusz Matusik, Roman Janeczko, Paweł Byrski, Elżbieta Kandziora, Lesław Budzelewski
Test-line by Anna Gałązkowska
Ink and paint by Alina Góral, Violetta Pawlewska, Elżbieta Bejger, Karolina Sobolewska, Mariola Olejniczak, Violetta Olejniczak, Zofia Holeczek, Hanna Cichowska
Editing by Krzysztof Napierała
Sound by Jan Jakub Milencki
Dubbing director by Dorota Kawęcka
Dubbing: Grzegorz Nawrocki, Tomasz Błasiak, Modest Ruciński, Beata Łuczak

Title sequences by Robert Turło
Title sequences music by Marek Kuczyński

Production Manager: Mariola Olejniczak
Script-doctor: Katarzyna Komorowska, Maria Niedziółka
Executive Producer: Ewa Sobolewska

Producer, Production: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Sp. z o.o.
Co-producer: Telewizja Polska SA, Filmoteka Narodowa – Instytut Audiowizualny
Series co-financed by Polish Film Institute

Animation 2D [drawing on paper], colour, format 16:9 HD, HDCAM, DCP, 13:00’, Stereo 5.1.
Date of production: 2015-01-01 © 2015 TVSFA, TVP SA, NInA


Dumpling Gate [pl. Kluskowa Brama] …or the story that egotism never pays off, and the exploitation of others will always be punished… A film adaptation of the Wrocław legend about a gate with a fossilised noodle. One Master liked Silesian noodles cooked by his wife above all else. The noodles were very tasty and their scent spread throughout the marketplace. Even the mayor could not resist them and persuaded Master to sell him the whole pot. This was how Master’s idea to earn a nice income was born. And because he was greedy and lazy, his wife cooked noodles at night and the Master ate them during the day before he could sell them. Once, a powerful gust of wind took Master’s wife away. There was a pot of noodles left and the message that it would always be full if there was at least one noodle left on the bottom. However, the Master cannot overcome his appetite….


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