FILMOTEIndependent production


The film tells a story about struggling with pain and suffering. It touches on a very personal experience. It is a story of loneliness, anger and grief experienced by parents who lose a child. It is an intimate and emotional visualization of the world in which bereaved people live. It tells about a situation for which no one is prepared, and the ‘catalogue’ of reactions we have known up to that point becomes useless.

Directed, screenplay, artwork, and compositing by Paweł Prewencki
Music and SFX by Kacper Krupa
Performance of music by Kacper Krupa /saxophone/, Krzysztof Kuśmierek /duduk/
Animation by Paweł Prewencki, Ada Dudek Pulit
Editing by Anna Gałązkowska, Paweł Prewencki
Sound by Kacper Krupa
Master copy by Janusz Czubak
Production Manager: Mariola Olejniczak
Executive Producer: Ewa Sobolewska

Producer, production: TV Studio of Animation Films Ltd.
Co-producer: Fifne Studio – Michalina Prewencka
A Polish Film Institute Co-Financed Production

Author animation film, mixed animation, colour, screening format 2K, DCP, 13:00’, stereo 5.1.
Date of production: 2023-01-01


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