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Ole-Luk-Oie | Ole Śpijsłodko
from the “Paint Me a Fairy Tale…” series

Directed by Joanna Jasińska Koronkiewicz
Screenplay by Joanna Jasińska – Koronkiewicz
/based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen/
Artwork, background, camera by Joanna Jasińska Koronkiewicz
Painting animation by Joanna Jasińska Koronkiewicz
Music composed and performed by Maciej Zieliński
Edited by Anna Gałązkowska
Sound by Paweł Piechura – Soundflower Studio
Color timer: Magdalena Nizel
Visual effects by Maciej Rynkiewicz, Janusz Czubak
Dubbing directed by Joanna Węgrzynowska-Cybińska
Voices by Marcin Sosiński – Ole; Paweł Szymański – Hjalmar; Ewa Kania – Grandma;
The reference photos were attended by Marcin Sosiński – Ole, Franciszek Koronkiewicz – Hjalmar, Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz – Grandma

Title sequence by Kacper Zamarło
Music title sequence by Michał Makulski

Script edited by Katarzyna Komorowska
Production managing by Mariola Olejniczak
Produced by Ewa Sobolewska

Producer, Production: TV Studio of Animation Films Ltd.
Co-producer: EC1 Łódź – The City of Culture
A Polish Film Institute Co-financed Production

Author animation film for children, painting animation technique directly under the camera, colour, screening format 16:9 HD, 13:00’, DCP
Date of production: 2021-01-01

Ole Lukøje – an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale is a magical journey into the land of sleep and imagination. An attempt to tame the phenomenon of dreams, childish (and not only) fear of night and death. When Hjalmar falls asleep, Ole-Luk-Oie comes down from the moon and sits on the bedside. He invites Hjalmar on a journey through his dreams. He turns his room into a forest where, like birds, Hjalmar’s books and notebooks are flying. Another time, Ole brings a swallow, which takes Hjalmar on a sky expedition to the clouds and they fly to the moon at night. One day Ole introduces Hjalmar to his brother, who comes to everyone on earth only once…

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