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Paint me a story…

Development a new series for children Namaluj mi bajkę… (Paint me a story… ) based on the tales by Hans Christian Andersen.
The narrative in the films is based on a new translation by Bogusława Sochańska, the first translation of Andersen’s fairy tale directly from Danish into Polish.

Directed, screenplay, dialogue, artwork, animation and camera by Joanna Jasińska Koronkiewicz
Music composed and performed by Michał Makulski
Editors by Katarzyna Komorowska, Ewa Sobolewska
Production Managing by Mariola Olejniczak
Executive Producer by Ewa Sobolewska
Producer: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Ltd.
Development co-financed by Polish Film Institute

4 films for children made using painting animation directly under the camera.

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