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The Monkey’s Bath

…or a story showing that thoughtless imitation of others always leads to ridicule…

Directed by Andrzej Gosieniecki
Screenplay by Dorota Bielecka – Gosieniecka, Andrzej Gosieniecki
/based on the tale by Aleksander Fredro/
Artwork by Dorota Bielecka – Gosieniecka, Andrzej Gosieniecki
Music composed and performed by Krzesimir Dębski
The song is sung by Krzesimir Dębski
Background by Dorota Bielecka – Gosieniecka
Layout by Dorota Bielecka – Gosieniecka, Andrzej Gosieniecki
Animation by Roman Frajczyk, Lesław Budzelewski, Andrzej Gosieniecki
Test-line and animatic by Anna Gałązkowska
Ink and paint by Alina Góral, Noemi Pawlewska, Violetta Olejniczak, Barbara Hurysz, Karolina Sobolewska, Mariola Olejniczak, Olga Chmielewska, Dorota Bielecka-Gosieniecka, Hanna Cichowska
Compositing by Andrzej Gosieniecki
Editing by Anna Gałązkowska
Sound by Jan Jakub Milencki, Andrzej Konieczny

Title sequences by Robert Turło
Title sequences music by Marek Kuczyński

Production manager: Mariola Olejniczak
Script-doctor: Katarzyna Komorowska, Maria Niedziółka
Executive Producer: Ewa Sobolewska

Producer, production: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Sp. z o.o.
Co-producers: Telewizja Polska SA, Filmoteka Narodowa – Instytut Audiowizualny
Series co-financed by Polish Film Institute

Animation 2D [drawing on paper], colour, format 16:9 HD, HDCAM, DCP, 13:00’, Stereo 5.1.
Date of production: 2017-11-01 © 2017 TVSFA, TVP SA, FINA

CHILDREN JURY AWARD MASZKA for the best film for children, 32 Tarnowska Nagroda Filmowa, Tarnów, Poland, 2018-04-28

The Monkey’s Bath [pl. Małpa w kąpieli] …or a story showing that thoughtless imitation of others always leads to ridicule… It is a well-known and liked fairy tale with the morale penned by Aleksander Fredro. A funny story about a monkey, which, despite all attempts to become like a man, always remains itself. The monkey runs on the streets, plays tricks, finally hides in a hat box and together with the lady gets into a hotel room. There it watches the lady in the bath and when she comes out, the monkey starts to imitate her. It turns the taps, pours water into the tub, swims, dives. But there is more and more water and hot water pours from the shower. Scared, the monkey escapes through the window with its paws scaled…

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