Tales from Lailonia KingdomArchive 1980 - 2001

Of a Famous Man

Film from the “Fourteen Tales from Lailonia Kingdom by Leszek Kołakowski” series, based on the philosophical parables „Tales from Lailonia Kingdom for the Big and Small” by Leszek Kołakowski.

A citizen of Lailonia called Tat wants to become a very famous person.

He spends a long time pondering what to do. After all, in all scientific, artistic and cultural domains there are people more famous than himself. He comes to the conclusion that one may become famous by doing something in the worst possible way. However, his only gain is a short-lived applause of the crowds. Besides, he is considered ridiculous. Finally, he decides that he will win undying fame being the least famous man in the world. Soon everybody forgets him and thus he has achieved his goal.

Directed, artwork, layout, animation and editing by Krzysztof Kiwerski
Script, dialogue by Jan Zamojski
Tat by Longin Szmyd
Director assistant by Jolanta Kiwerska
Music composed and performed by Janusz Grzywacz
Voices: Narrator-Zbigniew Zapasiewicz, and Jarosław Galiński
Camera by  Tomasz Wolf, Tomasz Chmiel
Sound by Irena Hussar
Production Managing by Ewa Samborska
Series executive director by Maciej Wojtyszko
Series editor by Anna M. Zaremba (TV SFA)
Series editor by Krystyna Chojnacka(TVP SA)

Combined animation, 35 mm, colour, 401 m/e, 14:40 min.,
Date of production: 14.04.1998; © TVP SA 1998

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