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Polish Fairy Tales

2009 – 2007; 2005 – 2002

26 episodes x 13’. A series of animated films for children made for Channel 1 of Polish Television S.A.

The open, auteur formula of the series facilitates creative film interpretation of Polish fairy tales, stories and fables, attractive to the contemporary child. Each episode has been made using a different technique and different aesthetics. Tradition and contemporariness intertwine. As a result, the child is presented with a unique animation production, which remaining faithful to the literary original in terms of the story told invites the child to explore the diverse film conventions.

„/…/A concept of animation based on juggling genre conventions, situation, character and linguistic comedy, often revealing surprising contradictions, has proved a good idea for adapting well-known tales to the screen. This device has given them some new added shine and freshness. And what was once ‘a long, long time ago’ or ‘behind mountains, behind forests’, has turned out not to be so distant after all. And this is one reason why one should watch these fairy tales… and maybe also because Adam Mickiewicz said a long time ago that ‘this world is a pure fairytale!’/…/”. From the review by Iwona Grodź in Akademia Filmowa

Episodes 01 – 13 from the „Polish Fairy Tales” series

01. Szklana góra / Glass Mountain
02. Złota kaczka / Golden Duck
03. O bartku doktorze / On Bartek the Doktor
04. Szewczyk Dratewka / Cobbler Dratewka
05. Żywa woda / Live Water
06. Lodowa góra / The Ice Mountain
07. Dwanaście Miesięcy / Twelve Months
08. Bazyliszek / Basilisk
09. O kowalu i diable / The Blacksmith and the Devil
10. Smok wawelski / The Dragon of Wawel
11. Zaczarowane pantofelki / Enchanted Shoes
12. O królewnie zaklętej w żabę / On a Princess Turned into a Frog
13. Krawiec Niteczka / Tailor Thread

Episodes 14 – 26 from the „Polish Fairy Tales” series

14. Król Kruków / The Raven King
15. Korale czarownicy / The Witch’s Beads
16. Zimowe wróżki / Winter Fairies
17. Kozucha kłamczucha / The Lying Goat
18. Złota jabłoń / The Golden Apple Tree
19. Pasterz tysiąca zajęcy / Shepherd of a Thousand of Hares
20. Zuzanka i Utopce / Susana and Water Sprites
21. Bursztynowa korona / Amber Crown
22. Szewc Kopytko i Kaczor Kwak / Cobbler Kopytko and Kwak Duck
23. O Zefliku i smoku / On Zeflik and the Dragon
24. Czarne Licho / The Black Goblin
25. Poznańskie koziołki / Poznan Billygoats
26. Dar Skarbnika / Gift of Skarbnik, the Coal Mine Spirit

36 awards and commendations at international and national film festivals, including the prestigious Gold World Medal in New York, Platinum Remi Award and Special Remi Award in Houston and Gold Panda in Sichuan.

In the years 2006 and 2008, the first 13 parts of the ‘Polish Fairy Tales’ series appeared on DVD limited to 4,000 copies.

Up to date, films from the ‘Baśnie i Bajki Polskie’ [Polish Fairy Tales] series have been presented at over 250 film festivals and reviews, including in London, Rimini, Teheran, Pretoria, Sichuan, Chicago, Amsterdam, Madrid, Roma, Rimouski, Giffoni, Houston, Riga, Cairo, Tallin, Taipei, Buenos Aires, Vilnius, Chemnitz, Tel Aviv, Sydney, Hiroshima, Umei, Palm Springs, Tabor, Sheffield, Melbourne, Adelaide, Montevideo, Sancy, Toronto, Zlín, Moskwa, Třeboň, Gyor, Stuttgart, Oslo, San Francisco, Taiwan, Bosna and Hercegovina, Barcelona, Espinho, Berlin, Geneva, Ottawa, Kopenhagen, Seoul, Rio De Janeiro, Sao Paolo, Positano, New York, Clermont-Ferrand, Tampere, Annecy, Semarang, Changzhou, Mill Valley, Leipzig, Siena, Belfast, Ravenna, Bratislava.

The ‘Baśnie i Bajki Polskie’ [Polish Fairy Tales] series has been sold to 40 countries including  the United Kingdom, Italy (2x), Spain (2x), Portugal (2x), Finland, Brazil, Argentina, Slovenia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Malta, Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Sudan, Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Kuwait, Iraq, Bahrain, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Pakistan, Cyprus, United Arab Emirates, Iran, Vatican, Republic of San Marino, Monaco, Switzerland (Italian-speaking part).

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