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Cobbler Dratewka

szewczyk02Little Cobbler thanks the master for teaching him well and sets off to explore the wide unknown world. When taking a nap in a forest clearing he is awoken by the sound of bees humming. He seen a little bear who mischievously destroys the bees’ hive. Little Cobbler helps the bees to rebuild their hive.

The Queen Bee thanks him for coming to their rescue, gives him a piece of resin and promises help should he ever need assistance. Walking down a forest path Little Cobbler again comes across the mischievous little bear. This time the animal has destroyed an anti hill. Little Cobbler feels sorry for the ants and repairs the hill. Grateful Queen Ant thanks him, gives him a bead and promises to help in an hour of need. Soon Little Cobbler finds a little duckling lost near a dike and finds its parents. The duck thanks him profusely and declares help should he ever find himself on a sticky wicket. Little Cobbler reaches a city overshadowed by a huge stone tower. The evil character in the story is a Witch who tricked her way into the castle and imprisoned princess Anna in the monstrous tower. In order to free the princess it is necessary to meet three conditions set by the Witch. Many young men tried, but no one had succeeded. Little Cobbler decides to release the princess from her prison. Ants, bees and ducks help him to meet the three challenges. Defeated, the Witch changes into a raven and flies away. Little Cobbler marries Anna and is made king.

Directed, artwork by Artur Wrotniewski
Screenplay, dialogue by Aniela Lubieniecka
(based on the tale by Janina Porazińska)
Music composed and performed by Jerzy Zieleniak
Backgroung by Katarzyna Zwolińska, Artur Wrotniewski
Animation by Waldemar Szajkowski, Elżbieta Kandziora, Ewa Rodewald, Witold Giersz, Lesław Budzelewski, Janusz Gałązkowski, Agnieszka Szcześniak, Anna Pawlak, Maciej Matecki
Dubbing directed by Dorota Kawęcka
Voices by Krzysztof Kołbasiuk, Tomasz Kozłowicz, Krystyna Kozanecka, Agnieszka Kunikowska,  Teresa Lipowska, Mirosława Krajeńska, Katarzyna Tatarak, Janusz Wituch
Camera by Krzysztof Napierała, Artur Wrotniewski
Editing by  Krzysztof Napierała
Sound by Wiesław Jurgała
Series title sequences by Robert Turło (directed, artwork, animation), Marek Kuczyński (music)
Series Production Managing by Mariola Olejniczak
Series Editor by Katarzyna Komorowska
Series Executive producer by Ewa Sobolewska

Production: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Sp. z o.o.
Producer and Distribution:  Telewizja Polska S.A.

Cartoon; Digital Betacam; 13:00 min., colour, format 4:3
Date of production: 25.04.2003  © TVP S.A.

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