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Glass Mountain

Andy learns from the Old Raven of the evil Sorcerer, who has imprisoned the beautiful Princess on the Glass Mountain. He decides to hurry to her rescue. When his elder brothers Johnny and Tony learn about it from Andy, either of them decides to conquer the Glass Mountain for fame and treasure, respectively.However, they are no match to the powerful Sorcerer. Without hesitation, Andy sets out for the Glass Mountain, not for fame or the treasure trapped in glass, but to rescue the Princess. He takes along the magic Claws he won in his fight with the Sorcerer when he set free a little swallow, the imprisoned Princess’s only friend. Friendly birds help him get to the top of the mountain. Unafraid, Andy bravely fights the Sorcerer and finally defeats him with a ray of sunshine reflected from a chunk of glass. The Princess and her court are liberated and the Glass Mountain tumbles underground. In gratitude, the Chamberlain offers Andy the Princess’s hand in marriage. Andy, however, neither wants the Princess for his wife nor the power over her kingdom. He just chooses to return home to his mother and winged friends.


China International Cartoon and Digital Arts Festival, Changzhou, China / 2004

for the film direction,
International Festival of Animated Films for Children
Biennial of Animation BAB’03, Bratislava, Slovakia / 2003

Directed, screenplay, artwork and background  by Jacek Adamczak
Music composed and performed by Zbigniew Kozub
Animation by Waldemar Szajkowski, Elżbieta Kandziora, Maciej Matecki, Janusz Gałązkowski, Ewa Rodewald, Agnieszka Szcześniak, Jacek Adamczak, Edyta Mazurczuk, Danuta Kurasz, Monika Tomaszkiewicz, Jarosław Maik, Anna Pawlak
Camera, editing by Krzysztof Napierała
Sound effects by Wiesław Nowak
Dubbing directed by Dorota Kawęcka
Voices by Krzysztof Kołbasiuk, Łukasz Lewandowski, Tomasz Steciuk, Wojciech Paszkowski, Mirosława Krajewska, Brygida Turowska
Sound by Wiesław Jurgała

Series title sequences by Robert Turło (directed, artwork, animation), Marek Kuczyński (music)
Series Production Managing by Mariola Olejniczak
Series Editor by Katarzyna Komorowska
Series Executive Producer by Ewa Sobolewska

Production: TV Studio Filmów Animowanych Sp. z o.o.
Producer and Distributor: Telewizja Polska S.A.

Cartoon; Digital Betacam; 13:00 min. colour, format 4:3; © TVP S.A. 2002

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