ImpressionsArchive 1980 - 2001


A film from the series „Impressions” made using computer animation. Based on Magritte’s motif of mysterious, empty room and his idea of creating images out of most contradictory objects and phenomena, the authors of the film have produced an imaginary museum of the artist’s imagination. Inspired by Magritte’s paintings, they have created a real, three-dimensional world, full of „quotations” from his works, full of weird requisites remaining in strange relationships with one another, whose poetics resembles that of a dream.

Directed by Hieronim Neumann and Maciej Ćwiek
Screenplay by Hieronim Neumann
Design based on Rene Magritte’s paintings developed by Hieronim Neumann
Music composed and performed by Zbigniew Kozub
Computer animated by Maciej Ćwiek
Photography by Zbigniew Kotecki
Editing and sound by Maciej Ćwiek
Produced by Grażyna Lipińska
Computer animation, Betacam SP PAL, colour, 10:30′
Date of production: 25.05.1995 © TVP SA-TV SFA

THE GATE AUDIENCE AWARD, 6th Review of Films on Art, Sandomierz, Poland / 1996
SPECIAL AWARD for the Television Studio of Animation Films for the series “Impressions”, for the original popularisation of classical art, Chairman of the Committee of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture and President of Polish Television SA, Review of Films on Art, Zakopane, Poland / 1996

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