Independent production

The Great Hunger

A new film from the cycle “Fourteen Tales from Lailonia Kingdom by Leszek Kołakowski”

Films in this series provide fun and education, awaken the sensitivity of young viewers, invite to a discussion and independent reflection.

They invite the viewer to look at the surrounding world from different points of view, and above all, endeavour to cultivate and reinforce in young people the skill of asking questions and seeking answers, which small children posses, and which we tend to lose while growing older in favour of uncritical acceptance of “obvious truths” and paths already well-travelled.

As he wrote in the explication of the screenplay adaptation of inventor John Zamojski, these stories also have drama values, which allow their deep and wise message to be conveyed using film means, such as the structure of the tale, action filled with unexpected twists, colourful characters, tragedy and humour present both in the action and in the dialogues, as well as the intensity of the experiences of the heroes.

31 awards and commendations at international and national film festivals, including the prestigious Best Animated Film Award in Siena, the Second Prize in Szolnok, Poznańskie Koziołki, Marcin and Marcinek awards granted at the Poznań Film Festival.

12 episodes x 16’.

11 episodes from the cycle, production in years 1997 – 2000,commissioned by Channel 2 of Polish Television S.A.

2 episodes from the cycle (Looking for Lailonia, The Great Hunger),is an independent production, co-financed by Polish Film Institute.

Directed by Robert Turło
Screenplay by Jan Zamojski
Artwork by Robert Turło, Krzysztof Różański
Music by Marek Kuczyński
Narrator by Andrzej Seweryn
Executive Produccer by Ewa Sobolewska
Development of the film co-financed by Polish Film Institute, 16′, colour, format 16:9 HD

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