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The film “Survival” touches on the problems of homelessness and degradation of the human environment. He shows these problems in an exaggerated and grotesque form. The planned film is to be an original film, combined with artistic ambitions. Its realization will consist of live shots and animated sequences combined into an integral whole. The original form of the film will be determined by different types of animation, such as pixilation, animation of real objects, animation of graphic forms, 3D animation.

Directed, written and artwork by Hieronim Neumann
3D animation by Maciej Ćwiek
Cinematography by: Janusz Tatarkiewicz
Ace. Operator by Dominik Krzeszewski
In the role of Mr. B. by Jakub Woźniak
Mr. B’s alter ego by Jacek Adamczak
Decoration elements by Michał Szmyt, Hieronim Neumann
Props made by Mikołaj Smolarek, Hieronim Neumann
Cooperation on the set by Angelika Jankowska, Jarek Jasik, Jakub Banasiak, Gustaw Woźniak, Ignacy Rozmianec, Tymon Rozmianec, Ireneusz Woźniak
Compositing by Maciej Ćwiek
Editing by Anna Gałązkowska
Production manager by Mariola Olejniczak
Producer by Ewa Sobolewska

Original animated film, animation – pixilation techniques, animation of real objects, animation of graphic forms, 3D animation, 2K image format, 13:00 min. stereo 5.1.
Producer, production: TV Studio of Animation Films Ltd.
Co-production: University of the Arts in Poznań
Film is co-financed by Polish Film Institute

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