Joanna Jasińska-Koronkiewicz

Director, scriptwriter, animator and artist. 1998 – 2003 she graduated from the Polish National Film School in Łódź, as well as the Department of Animation Film. Since 2005, has worked for the TV Studio of Animation Films in Poznan. Since 2012, Doctor of filmmaking, lecturer at the Film School in Łódź. Primarily pursues make films for children and young people in the painting animation technique directly under the camera. Winner of over 20 prises at international and national Festivals.

Filmography: 2020: Ole-Luk-Oie; 2017: Of Dogs and Cats; 2016: Apolejka and her Donkey; 2014: It’s Quite True!; 2012: Paint me a fairy-tale /development/, 2010: Ballade; 2008: Golden Apple-Tree, a film “Polish Fairy Tales” series; 2007: Riddle’s Dice, a film “Fantazy the Bear” series; 2006: Dies Irae, 2005: The Spinner; The Flax (debut) School films: 2003: Dunia tam i z powrotem; 2001: Milenka; 2000: Cello; 1999: Ebarany; Tabun

ST. VOJTECH´S PRIZE /Apolejka and her Donkey/ for the Best Film from the Visegrad Countries, for an excellent approach to the classic fairy-tale story transformed to story for current children viewers, 13th Biennial of Animation Bratislava – BAB 2016, 14.10.2016 Children Audience Award /Apolejka and her Donkey/ , ‘Golden Millipede’, 6 Film Festival for Children and Young People ‘KinoJazda’, Nowy Sącz, 26-30.09.2016
THE AWARD /It’s Quite True!/ of the Polish Filmmakers Association for Best Polish Animated Film of High Artistic and Educational Value – We award our prize to this film because of the perfect use of the special technique which enables us to enjoy a classic story in a new and dynamic way, 29 International Film Festival for Young People, „Ale Kino!”, Poznań, 06.12.2014
GRAND PRIX – GOLDEN FRAMES /It’s Quite True!/ for the best short film for exceptional production of the film using the painting technique which has given the fairy tale its unique charm. Although set in the world of animals, the story told in the film ideally reflects our everyday life...”, 4th KinoJazda Festival of Films for Children and Young People, Nowy Sacz, Poland / 26.09.2014
FIRST PLACE /The Golden Apple Tree/, in category Films for Children, II National Festival of Animation Films BORUTAFEST’2010, Łęczyca, Poland, 03.07.2010
FIRST PRIZE /Dies Irae/ for the Animated Drawing Section of Premio Simona Gesmundo Corti D’animazione – For the creation of wonderful effects, for the balance and the mastery in rendering by animation a powerful approach to Mozart’s music, revealing it in an unusual way, Festival Internazionale del Cinema “Il Fiore d’ogni dove”, Cosenza, Italy, 28.10.2009
AWARD FOR THE BEST POLISH FILM /Dies Irae/, Jury Association of Polish Filmmakers at the 4th International Animated Film Festival “ReAnimacja”, Łódź, Poland, 22.04.2007
FIRST PLACE /The Flax/, in category Films for Children, II National Festival of Animation Films BORUTAFEST’2010, Łęczyca, Poland, 03.07.2010
HIGH COMMENDATION /Dunia/, Festival of Animation Films „REANIMACJA’2004”, Łódź, Poland
PRIZE in category „Other” /Dunia/, National Amateur and Student Film Festival „JUTRO FILMU’2004” in Warszawa, Poland
FINALIST CERTIFICATE /Dunia/, Selection Committee International Animated Film Festival in category „School and graduation films”, Annecy, France, 2004
GRAND PRIX /Milenka/ in category student films, VII National Festival of Auteur Animation Films OFAFA’2001 in Cracow, Poland
HIGH COMMENDATION /Milenka/, International Film Festival for Children „Ale kino! 2002”, Poznań, Poland
HIGH COMMENDATION /Milenka/, National Festival Independet Films „KamerLeon’2003”, Gdańsk, Poland
SPECIAL PRIZE /Milenka/, VI Student Film Festival “KLAPS’2003, Łódź, Poland
THIRD PRIZE /Cello/ to the Director of the film, granted by the Jury the Second Meeting with Documentary and Animation Films “DAF 2001” in Szczecin, Poland MAIN AWARD /Ebarany/ in category animation films on the SFFR “KODAK’99”, Katowice, Poland


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