Animated films to classical music


An animated film in friable matter made to the music of Johann Sebastian Bach. The design of the film has been inspired by the magnificent interiors of Gothic cathedrals (Reims, Chartres). The film was made following the principle of watching a Gothic Cathedral: first, the author shows the facade, then he “walks in and presents the lower parts of the edifice emerging from the shade. Afterwards, the camera focuses on the columns and pillars, niches with reliefs, up to the marvellous vault. Bright light getting inside from up high makes the real shapes of the interior disappears as a result of the effect of glimmering air. The last scene is pale white – the symbol of ever – lasting spiritual values.

Directed, screenplay, artwork and animated by Piotr Muszalski
Music composed by Jan Sebastian Bach from Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565
Music performed by Marek Kudlicki- organs
Artistic supervision by Kazimierz Urbański
Photography by Piotr Muszalski
Editing and sound by Wiesław Nowak
Produced by Ewa Sobolewska
Animation in friable matter directly under camera, 35 mm, black & white, 112 m, 04:05′, format 4:3
Date of production: 24.02.1994 © TVP SA

DIPLOMA for the film direction, International Festival of Animated Films for Children – Biennial of Animation BAB’99, Bratislava, Slovakia, 1999
AWARD FOR THE BEST FILM – classical animation, 1st International Student Animation Film Festival ‘Kontakt’98’, Łódź, Poland, 1998
HONORARY DIPLOMA for contribution in Slavonic Cinema, 5th International Film Festival of Slavonic and Orthodox People ‘The Golden Knight’, Minsk, Belarus, 1996

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