Independent production

Looking for Lailonia

Film from the “Fourteen Tales from Lailonia Kingdom by Leszek Kołakowski” series, based on the philosophical parables „Tales from Lailonia Kingdom for the Big and
Small” by Leszek Kołakowski.
Film co-financed by Polish Film Institute and Wielkopolski Fundusz Filmowy.

“Looking for Lailonia” is a story about a specific attitude, about the strength of questing and inquiry, and about the incessant striving to capture the most important matter, to which we devote our lives; finally, it is an illustration of the paradoxes caused by certainty and doubt. The Adventurer searching for Lailonia and his Brother are woken at night by the following question: where does Lailonia lie? Lailonia is a parallel world through which – in dreams /?/, fantasies /?/, brief periods of sleep /?/ – the Brothers travel by balloon. In the real world the Brothers, wanting to make more room for their globes and maps, grow thinner so that they can purchase more and more of them, they pawn their watches… Finally, in one of the atlases they find Lailonia; however, they are so overjoyed that they make a mess and after a while cannot find the correct map. When they lose all hope, the postman brings a letter from Lailonia, but without the sender’s address. In the meantime, in the parallel world, their balloon flight continues, and they meet further inhabitants of Lailonia. At the end of reminiscences of  the Adventurer, the two worlds meet, for the brothers – sitting on the roof of a tenement house at dusk – observe a balloon floating across the sky, with its dome showing the outlines of the continents. When we return to their old age and their room, in which we met the Brothers at the very beginning of the story, the Adventurer remembers that he did not tell us what the letter contained…

Directed, artwork by Jacek Adamczak
Screenplay, dialogue by Jan Zamojski
Music composed and performed by Zbigniew Kozub
Voice of the Narrator: Andrzej Seweryn
Layout by Jacek Adamczak, Janusz Gałązkowski
Animation by Janusz Gałązkowski, Agnieszka Szcześniak, Waldemar Szajkowski, Roman Frajczyk, Ewa Rodewald, Elżbieta Kandziora, Lesław Budzelewski i inni
Background by Jacek Adamczak, Anna Dudek
Camera by Krzysztof Napierała
Dubbing directed by Dorota Kawęcka
Sound by Urszula Zaręba – Idzikowska
Production Managing: Sandra Feliszkowska
Executive Producer: Ewa Sobolewska
Animation 2D for young people, colour, format 16:9 HD, 16:00′, dysk XDCAM HD, Digital Betacam
Date of production: 31.08.2011 © TV SFA & EP

AWARD FOR THE BEST POLISH ANIMATED FILM, 29 International Young Audience Film Festival „Ale Kino!”, Poznań / 10.12.2011

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