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The Fall of Icarus

The film is based on the myth of Icarus and on the analysis of Peter Bruegel’s paintings „The Fall of Icarus” and „Children’s Games”. The director of the film touches upon the very essence of Icarus’ tragedy. He points to his loneliness in the world of people who care only about themselves. Noise of a busy town is contrasted with the silence and open space of the sea. Music builds up the atmosphere, space and emphasises the tragedy.

Directed by Jacek Kasprzycki
Screenplay by Tamara Sorbian-Kasprzycka and Jacek Kasprzycki
Design based on Pieter Bruegel’s I paintings developed by Jacek Kasprzycki
Music composed and performed by Arnold Dąbrowski
Animated by Janusz Gałązkowski
Photography by Krzysztof Szyszka
Editing and sound by Wiesław Nowak
Produced by Ewa Sobolewska
Classical animation – painting on celluloid, 35 mm, colour, 121 m, 04:25′
Date of production: 23.01.1997 © TVP SA-TV SFA

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