ImpressionsArchive 1980 - 2001


1997 – 1993

12 auteur animation films, commissioned by Channel 1 of Polish Television S.A.

With their personal, subjective and often-surprising vision of the paintings and with their feelings at the start the authors use the films to show their own poetic interpretation of art, at the same time trying to find the inner coherence, atmosphere and aura created by the painter. They embark on a dialogue with the audience and inspire them to define their own approach to art. This series offers the viewer a new form of „meeting” with art. Yet, it does not intend to substitute the direct contact with the original works but rather to supplement the usual ways of art perception.

12 awards and commendations at domestic and international film festivals, including a Special Award for an innovative method of popularising classic phenomena in art in the “Impressions” cycle at the Festival of Films on Art in Zakopane.

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