Animated films to classical music

The Whril

The picture is lacking an orderly narration. It is an artistic impression by way of allusions associated with a running away landscape, unfinished movement of a paintbrush or pencil. The animated space of colourful spots representing fields and meadows floats away in all directions, transforms into water which reflects the image of the trees. A horse-driven carriage rushes through, leaving the footprints of horse shoes and vanishing somewhere round the corner. The changes of directions and speed of movement is in harmony with the impressionist music.

Directed, screenplay, artwork and animated by Elżbieta Kamieńska
Music composed by Claude Debussy
Music performed by Andrzej Tatarski – piano
Artistic supervision by Jerzy Kucia
Photography by Krzysztof Szyszka
Editing and sound by Wiesław Nowak
Produced by Grażyna Lipińska
Classical animation – painting on celluloid, 35 mm, colour, 116 m, 04:15′, format 4:3
Date of production: 31.07.1996 © TVP SA

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