Animated films to classical music

Carmen Suite from „Carmen – Suite”

An animation film to classical music made using animation in friable matter. The images are fully synchronised with the music. Sounds of music wake up Carmen, who is shown against the flames of a bonfire. In the dance, the choreography of the Gypsy folklore intertwines with the Indian expression of gestures.

Directed, screenplay, artwork and animated by Aleksandra Korejwo

Music composed by Georges Bizet, arranged by Rodion Shchedrin
Music performed by Chamber Orchestra „Amadeus” conducted by Agnieszka Duczmal
Photography by Krzysztof Napierała
Editing and sound by Wiesław Nowak
Produced by Ewa Sobolewska
Animation in coloured salts, Betacam SP, colour, 05:00 min., Date of production: 30.06.1994 © TVP SA 1994

DIPLOMA for the film direction, International Festival of Animated Films for Children – Biennial of Animation BAB’99, Bratislava, Slovakia / 1999
SPECIAL AWARD for the artistic originality of the film, International Festival of Animated Films Krok’95, Kiev, Ukraine / 1995

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