Animated films to classical music

V Sonate in C major for Flute and Harpsichord KV 14

Impression film to the music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, carried in the puppet animation technique, a layer of visual images inspired by Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Directed, screenplay and designed by Hieronim Neumann
Music composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Music performed by Jerzy Pelc – flute, Aleksandra Hanasz Pelc – harpsichord
Design based on Giuseppe Arcimboldo’s paintings developed by Hieronim Neumann
Animated by Hieronim Neumann and Grażyna Lipińska
Photography by Zbigniew Kotecki
Editing by Henryka Sitek
Sound by Wiesław Nowak
Produced by Grażyna Lipińska
Combined animation, 35 mm, colour, 94 m/e, 03:25′, format 4:3
Date of production: 10.08.1992 © TV SFA-TVP SA

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