Polish Fairy Tales /season 3/

2016 -2013

Continuation of the series for children, 13 episodes x 13′

The open, auteur formula of the series facilitates creative film interpretation of Polish fairy tales, stories and fables, attractive to the contemporary child. Each episode has been made using a different technique and different aesthetics. Tradition and contemporariness intertwine. As a result, the child is presented with a unique animation production, which remaining faithful to the literary original in terms of the story told invites the child to explore the diverse film conventions.

Producer, production company:



Series co-financed by

Filmmakers of the films:

Jacek Adamczak, Paweł Czarzasty, Anna Dudek, Andrzej Gosieniecki,  Joanna Jasińska – Koronkiewicz, Andrzej Kukuła, Robert Turło

Series Editor: Katarzyna Komorowska

Series Executive Producer: Ewa Sobolewska

Title sequence:

Directed, artwork, animated, camera by Robert Turło

Music composed and performed by Marek Kuczyński

Producer, Production: TV Studio of Animation Films Ltd.

Co-producer, world sales: Telewizja Polska SA

Co-producer: Narodowy Instytut Audiowizualny

Series co-financed by Polish Film Institute

Aniamtion 2D for kids, HDCAM, colour, 13 episodes x 13′, format 16:9 HD

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